Tell us about Stockus?

It represents a strong family bond especially among the women. Stockus is believed to be a Norwegian word that came from my Norwegian grandfather and was used frequently by my grandmother. Although we could never find its literal translation Grandma seemed to use it in place of words like “wonderful,” "get over it,” "whatever," or, "love it". Whenever she said "oh Stockus!,” we usually knew what she meant. Since my grandmother passed away, the women in my family get together every year on her birthday and honor her memory. We call it Stockus! 

Stockus products were first made for my own personal use and for my family's wellness. Because of my skin sensitivity that I share with my family and my migraine history that can be aggravated  by synthetic aromas, I decided to make my own personalized products.  Finding the best ingredients to make natural skin care.  

What does your company do?

Stockus makes handcrafted bath and beauty products including Renewal Cream, lip balm, bath fizzes, salves, and 7 different room and body sprays including a beard tonic and a hair tonic.

What’s your favorite?

Depending on the product.  If I am making a new Room and body spray, I get pretty hippie about it.  I'll stare at my oils then meditate on what might be useful in the world for a mood altering spray.  Essential oils are scientifically proven to alter your mood and there is so much for us to learn from them. I take that very seriously.  I do my research of ancient history of essential oils and new research that is booming today.  (even at OHSU) As far as other products are concerned we are living in an exciting time of DIY (do it Yourself) I will never run out of ideas to make natural home or bath and beauty products. I can barely keep up! 

Why did you start Stockus?

I started Stockus because I had a hard time finding products that fit my sensitive skins needs.  I also have a history of 20 years of having migraines and am very sensitive to harsh chemicals. When I found therapeutic grade or food grade essential oils that have no fillers and are 100% pure, I decided to experiment.  Many products use harsh chemicals and preservatives so that their products will last months to years. We all react differently to them and not all chemicals are bad.  I use natural preservatives if any at all.  I let my clientele know that my products do eventually break down because they are so pure.  My shelf life is plenty long enough for use and as for my Renewal cream it is self preserving and has a shelf life of up to 6 months. But the best way to keep Renewal cream fresh is to refrigerate it.  My products are made to order and in small batches so they are well cared for and fresh.  What we put on are skin is our skins food. You could basically eat my products but they are much more useful on the skin. 


Where do you see Stockus in 5 years?


Stockus is a new small business with big dreams. I would like to be in several shops around Portland and continue to do Saturday markets and pop up shops.  In the future I would like to teach classes on DIY and educated communities on the importance of purity among essential oils.  Also writing a recipe book of DIY solutions for the home, and food and drink recipes would be fun since I have so many. 

What other products are in the works?

 I would like to make an array of natural products in the future but am perfecting and honing the products I have now. I do have one new product that is in the works that I am very excited about and I can't wait to share because it is something that you can eat. For this particular product it is a new avenue for me to market. Thanks to my friends who love it,  I already have people wanting the product and it's not even for sale yet. Once it is ready I will set up some demos and let my subscribers now how to get it.  

Where can find my products?

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