Stockus has been an old saying in my family for years.It represents a strong family bond especially among the women. Stockus is believed to be a Norwegian word that came from my Norwegian grandfather and was used frequently by my grandmother. Although we could never find its literal translation Grandma seemed to use it in place of words like “wonderful,” "get over it,” "whatever," or, "love it". Whenever she said "oh Stockus!,” we usually knew what she meant. Since my grandmother passed away, the women in my family get together every year on her birthday and honor her memory. We call it Stockus!

Stockus products were first made for my own personal use and for my family's wellness. Because of my skin sensitivity that I share with my family and my migraine history that can be aggravated  by synthetic aromas, I decided to make my own personalized products.  Finding the best ingredients to make natural skin care and homemade remedies for simple ailments. These products can be made to order as well as uniquely designed for your personal use.  Currently I am developing my own product line that is the most popular among my clientele. Including renewal face cream, chapstick, bath bombs, and room and body sprays. I use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils for their purity and potency. All other ingredients are made in the USA and are certified organic.