#30DaysofPDXMakers Feature Pinkelton's Curious Caramel Corn

June 17, 2015

Hi all,

Meet the Curiosity behind Pinkleton’s Curious Caramel Corn…

Let me start by saying that, Jonathan Poe is so amazing. Not only is he mastering some amazing confections but overall he's a really cool guy too! I mentioned in my own personal story how lucky I'm to have an extended family of makers. So much, so that I'm happy to have this treat at my upcoming wedding. Can we all say, Yum. I've had this delicious treats in a few boxes I've curated over the years and people have literally referred to it as "delicious crack". There is hope for us all and we hope you love reading about his story.

Pinkleton’s is a small-batch caramel corn confectionary located in Portland Oregon.  We are uncompromisingly committed to using the best  ingredients possible. With a decidedly Victorian & vintage feel, Pinkleton’s is obsessed with getting caramel-corn just right. We use no artificial ingredients. Mexican Cocoa, Salted Vanilla, Salted Molasses, and now Cranberry Vanilla.

We're building a box filled with Pinkelton's soon. Check back for it. The photo below obviously is my fave.