#30DaysofMakers Feature Rain Barrel Acres Farm

June 25, 2015

I'm a fan of quality skin care products. And well Kim's great and I discovered her when I was running my former company. We've stayed in touch and she's has quite a lovely line of self care soaps, balms, and lotion products. Her full story can be found on her website.

Here's a short excerpt.

Tell us about your company?

I live on a five acre farm in northwest Portland, Oregon. The pacific northwest is a great place to grow a beautiful flower gardens and raise goats. I have a small herd of milking goats and make goat milk soap and cheese. I love soap and my family often asks, “What’s for dinner???” when I have been making soap all day. Since we can’t eat soap, I try to think up something for dinner BEFORE spending the day making soap. (This is where a crock pot comes in handy).

I make soap in small batches using high quality ingredients to produce a high quality product. The goats provide milk twice a day (we have LOTS of milk) and the milk goes into the soap to make a nourishing bar that is gentle on your skin. I also have bee hives and I use beeswax to make lotion bars and something we call “Body Yum” which is like a body butter but better.

What I enjoy is telling stories about the artisans behind the products. We're consumers of products and to be a conscious buyer can greatly enhance your life. We should be informed about where our products and food comes from. It's a little bit more work but the return in value of supporting locally owned companies and encourage a token phrase an "ecology economy" is vital to sustaining our community.