#30DaysofPDXMakers Feature Man's Face Stuff

June 23, 2015

I'm not a man but I do have one. He happens to have a Goatee which I love. He's a man and at the end of the day, who doesn't like to look well groomed. I discovered Man's Face Stuff about three years ago. I'm of the opinion that there are few things that move us to spend our money. Grooming and self-care products happens to be an almost trillion dollar business every year. So enter's Man's Face Stuff. I've got their story here, we hope you enjoy the read. And of course, if you've got a Goatee or beard in your life check out their retail locations on their site. There products are great and you won't be disappointed.

Man's Face Stuff was founded in 2008, by two friends,BT Livermore and Evan Dumas. BT had been wearing a moustache for a while, but after trying many different styling products, found himself not truly happy with any of them. Evan was working in the IT field while honing his skills as an amateur, natural perfumer in his off time.

One fateful day, BT asked Evan if it would be possible to use his essential oils to make one of the better waxes smell more tolerable. A few weeks later, on BT's birthday, Evan gave BT two tins of spearmint-scented moustache wax, which he had made completely from scratch. It was good, but the two spent the next six months perfecting a recipe they were both happy with, and during that time, Evan grew his first moustache so he could help out with testing.

We debuted our first waxes - Unscented and Gin & Tonic - in April 2009, and in the years since, have created a varied product line that has been enjoyed by people the world over.