#30DaysofPDXMakers Feature Blue Collar Tea Company

June 29, 2015

I can't say I've expressed enough on this blog my passion for tea. I've never been a coffee drinker so once in awhile I'm surprised by the off the shelf brands in the store. When you run a company that caters to giving the best selections that a city has to offer it excited yet I'm intimidating. There's so much to love and even more to try and in my journey to craft some of the city's best gifting experiences. 

I just discovered Blue Collar Tea Company and their funny play on some common phrases used to introduce you to their tea include " Hair of the Dog", Industrious, " The Manliest Tea You'll Ever Drink" are just polite ways of engaging some often marginal tea drinkers. 

Blue Collar Tea Company launched in January 2015, offers you a variety of blended teas to help get through the work day. They deal only in quality, loose-leaf teas and put them in tea-bags for your convenience. They keep their prices low because we know that times are tough and they of don't want anyone to have to tighten that belt one more notch just to enjoy a nice beverage.

We just added this great new line of products to our Build Out Your Own Love Box on our site. Curate your package today with some Blue Collar Tea.