#30DaysofPDXMakers Feature Little Bay Root

June 30, 2015

While the play on words might catch your attention the savvy accessory and apparel line by Little Bay Root will invoke feeling of memories gone past. The funky curated line of t-shirt, cups, and totes all come with a little nostalgia of our love for the great Pacific NW. With bold typeface, pine trees, and idyllic locations featured on many of the companies products we know you're sure to find the perfect gift. 

Sharing the love of the Great Northwest with a collection of locally designed and printed swag that celebrates the unique spirit of the West. Little Bay Roots products are available at some of the finest retailers in town. 

Oh, the name? Little Bay Root. It’s a play on words. Once upon a time staffers of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush used to refer to Portland as Little Beirut because of the protesters he encountered during his visits.

Not much has changes in a decade, in the Republic of Portland.

Check out Little Bay Root online at http://littlebayroot.com/