Perfect Gift Giving

August 01, 2015

Gift Giving Made Simple by Inger McDowell

 When you need to give a gift that matters its important you think through a few criteria.

Quick DIY Break It Down

Start by breaking up your list into your group labeled 1, 2, 3, etc. Group 1 is for folks you know but aren’t particularly close with. Group 2 are for your broad group of friends and personal contacts. Group 3 is for your close friends whom you spend a good amount of time.

Group 1:

It’s important that during the seasonal holiday if you want to be thoughtful you can send a little note. A handwritten card or small gift but nothing too expensive. For a little extra, you might want to have it hand-calligraphed and in an envelope. You could also add a little ribbon or a stamp that sends that personalized touch. You can use a small gable box or makeup pouches filled with lotions, creams, and even some caramels as special thank you. For guys you can work with candles, chocolates, or some socks these gifts can range from $10-$20.

Group 2:

You should definitely set a budget per person and pick out simple but fun themed items. For somebody who’s away and who might love your city, sending a well-packaged, array of tasty treats always does the trick. It’s fairly reasonable to send it nationally and you can also accompany your items with jams, hot cocoa, marshmallows, and candles. I personally love sending Pinkelton’s Curious Caramel Corn, they’ve got some amazing flavors and packaged with some Oregon Bark is lovely gift and inexpensive. These gifts can range from $10-$30.

Group 3:

Let’s be inspired by love and have it lead the way. If your traditional go-tos are dinner parties for celebratory times of the year, we got some ideas for you. Amongst them is that most of us are surrounded by foodies from food carts, to late night pubs, and dive bars delivering some delicious treats. The holidays are almost amongst us and here are few ideas to give you a selection of some local purveyors, 3 Little Figs, Olympia Provisions, Jacobsen sea salts, Bee Local honey is perfection drizzled on vanilla bean ice cream and add some blackberries. If you love to concoct fabulous cocktails, gift each friend with a bottle of Portland Bitters Project bitters along with some handwritten recipes to be use at a later date. A gift like this will lead to fun encounters and magical evenings. These gifts can range from $15-$50.