Client Gifting

August 03, 2015


Holiday season is almost here, tis the season for festivities. With our simple DIY steps we’ll get you ready to create incredible gifts. 

As someone who relishes in working with clients daily to create gifting experiences, I’ve learned that giving gifts is a spattering of art, a smidge of creativity, a dash of wit and craft, and a lot of love. When I sit with clients their stories range from marriage, to personal loss, to creating a gift for an event or ceremony. But regardless, they are all people who want to express that they care. Many of my clients come armed with some knowledge of what they want to create. It takes some talking, questions, and some idea gathering to curate the perfect gift.

With Love, From PDX is a boutique gifting studio, it’s a place where ideas are born and through inspiration they turn into presentation. 

Gift giving usually has to resonate with the heart. When you know, you know, and we can’t wait to help you create that perfect gift. Gifting tells a personal story and is a great opportunity to show how well you know someone and how much you understand him/her. If you’ve been lucky enough to land a great client, get engaged, share in someone's life moment then you've likely given a gift for a special occasion. We just make it a easier and source all our purveyors from right here in Portland. Most importantly, we want to help you show your appreciation by giving a gift with sentiment that will send the message and personalized touch.

For so many business professionals it’s hard to imagine running from store to store trying to curate the gift of your dreams. Having a local company who’s job it is to help you bring your ideas to life is what we love.

Step 1:

Identify why you want to send the gift. What do you want to relay from sending a personalized gift package. What do you already know bout the client such as their likes (food, toys, hobbies) and how can you build a package that shows you’re appreciation and knowledge of the client to make a great impression.

Step 2:

There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing you found the perfect something for that special someone, with simplicity. Think about the things that would make this gift the perfect way to send your thank you to a client. Add a personalized note that shares your sentiment.

Step 3:

It’s all about the details. What types of packaging, filling, and colors do you want to use.  For those on your very special gift list, it’s not about the budget necessarily, but the insight.  Let your personality shine through.

Step 4:

Select your items from our specialty list of food purveyors, wines, candles, soaps, candies, self-care products, etc. Make it a gift that sends a statement and more importantly share your value of locally, own and supported companies. Most curated packages have 5-7 items and range in pricing from $65-125.