It doesn't matter the reason, adding seasonal flowers to any gifting box will add that personalized touch. It's my hope that we'll be able to offer flower bundles on our site as we grow. We're scheduled to open a small studio in NE Portland if all goes well in the coming months. I love the idea of working with dried foliage, flowers, and herbs. I've always had a curiosity for flowers and love the great outdoors. I can't imagine a more perfect day then going to forage for flower.

The expansive colors available in nature and the true beauty that's built in the simplest form. Flowers relay what often can be hard to express in words. The scents and fragrance often takes us back to days when you remember a scent and reminiscence about days gone-by. Consider adding a bundle to your gift, just request it when you make your order by sending us a quick email with our contact us from.