Gift Wrapping

August 07, 2015

With Love, From PDX Holiday Gift Wrapping

“Presentation is everything and turns an ordinary gift into the extraordinary, enhancing the element of surprise and creating a magical moment which is long remembered.”  – Diana Martin (courtesy Diana Martin)


  • We CAN and Will wrap your gifts for giving, making them beautiful presentations. We offer customized paper, tissue, and ribbons to adore your gift and create a lovely package.
  • It doesn't have to be a holiday to wrap a gift so use any occasion to honor a loved one from weddings to birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Include a personalized greeting note, gifts can relay part of the message but your written sentiment will definitely drive the point home.
  • Select from Gable boxes, Kraft mailers, and Wooden Bespoke boxes to deliver your gift to your reciepient they come in a white, brown, and pine.

(photos courtesy of Pinterest)