Curate-A-Gift (Gifting just got a whole lot easier)

August 31, 2015

I've been curating some really amazing gifting experiences lately. Most of my clients find me through word of mouth, but I also work really hard to connect with new companies that might have some special gifting needs. Recently, I've had clients come to me with some rather unique gifting ideas for what they want to curate. 

I've learned from working with them they aren't afraid to be a little curious and fun in their gifting. For instance, I've curated items ranging from doggie treats, to feet warmers, to vegan, gluten-free cookies, and even macrame if you can fit it in a box, I can source it in Portland.  I'm more than happy to oblige and because I've been exposed to some pretty extraordinary local purveyors I'm almost always prepared to taken on the challenge.  

I've started this business as a side gig as a young entrepreneur looking to supplement my income. I've been curating boxes for well over two and a half years. I'm continuing to grow my company and exploring new brand partnerships with the likes of Portland Soda Works, Ranger Chocolate, Pinkleton's and many others. I landed at a great time and have really enjoyed getting to know the local maker community. 

We've partnered together because we want to make gifting more accessible. We're the first gifting company in Oregon to offer a Curate-A-Gift option. It's our latest edition to our growing site and it's all about taking the hassle out of gifting. You can find some pretty cool gifting items to begin building out the perfect gift box. You don't need to run to a bazillion stores to curate a really nice gift that compliments your recipient style. 

We encourage you to check out the Curate A Gift page and begin thinking about all the amazing gifts that you can give this holiday season. Without the fuss. 


With Love, From PDX