Tips on Gifting

August 11, 2015

  1. Make gift-giving a year-round habit! Look for reasons to celebrate or extend goodwill (employee years of service, Board of Director meetings, commemorations, end of quarter results, group achievement).

  2. Be sensitive about using your company logo on the gift, especially a gift for the home.

  3. For large volume corporate gifts, give a gift that reflects your company’s spirit, culture, and brand.

  4. A gift is a powerful one-on-one marketing tool. The anticipation of opening the gift and the element of surprise captures one’s attention – use this moment wisely to convey a positive image of your brand.

  5. Avoid gifts that are political, sexual, or religious in nature

  6. A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a material item. Calling a client and thanking them sincerely for their business shows thoughtfulness.

  7. Be sincere with your gift giving. Enjoy it!