Wedding Gifts

August 13, 2015

If you’re an environmentally conscious person but suddenly you’re having a special event your likely wondering how to gift but be thoughtful about the impact. We curate our gift with you in mind and more so we’re looking to help you create the best gifts for your guests.

A typical wedding is no small affair and you can go from gift wrapping, ribbons, bows, boxes, paper, reply card, and the list goes on.

At With Love, From PDX, we’re always searching for sustainable ways to curate gifts. Even better, there are many that are truly eco-friendly and don’t force you to choose between style and saving the environment.

One of the many ways we protect the environment is to think about the end user. Welcoming your guest with a recycled kraft mailer ensures they use it again. We also have used reusable bags, wooden bespoke boxes which are both great options. Opting for these means that long after your wedding is over your guest can take this and use it to store items or perhaps even plant something.

We definitely encourage you to consider your options for gifting. We offer plenty of useful options for your gifting needs. We look forward to helping you curate the perfect gift.