And how to take the anxiety out of it.....

I've been thinking lately that gifting can be fun but it isn't always easy. I've seen people get completely anxiety ridden at the thought of having to gift shop.  I know the feeling and now that I run a company my goal is to take the stress out of gift giving.  I've got a few tricks of the trade that I've come up with that will hopefully help ease your gifting anxiety. 

  1. Tailor your gift to the recipient. Don’t buy a gift that you like or a gift you think they need. Pay attention to what the gift recipient likes. What do you know about the person and what do you think they'd actually love receiving. If you don't know you could always ask a friend, husband, or child (they're always honest) to help guide you. 

  2. Give a gift that is functional but is something that the gift recipient may not necessarily buy for him/herself. For instance, wall art, paper crafts, a glass bowl that can be used for paper clips or condiments! 

  3. Make it practical and they'll use it for years to come. Gifting shouldn't cost you a fortune but you can definitely send a nice statement by gifting a few quality items that will last. 

  4. Make it personal – write a note that briefly talks about the gift and why this gift is special.

  5. Be confident in giving gifts that are small or lightweight. Size does not matter!

  6. If all else fails just give food, who doesn't love nuts, popcorn, chocolate, or jams.