It's been a minute. And we've got some news!

November 20, 2015

I'm back and with some great news to share. I just established my first retail location in NE Cully/Concordia neighborhood. I'm working through a PDC initiative called, Our 42nd Ave and I've landed in a great up and coming community with a strong maker presence.

With Love, From PDX will be located in a thriving neighborhood which is exactly what I love. The scrappy, resourcefulness of this community makes this the perfect home for my new venture.  So my labor of love now gets to be shared with the community. I'm hoping you all will join us for classes which is a new offering in this space and the classes will be taught by many of the makers that you've seen in the gift boxes.

I recently was on a podcast with BIZ503 a new radio startup. I shared a little bit about my company and the makers that make our community move. 

Happy listening.