#welovelocalodx makers series Shrubworks

#welovelocalpdx is a short series dedicated to the folks behind some of Portland's newest small business. Some people have a creativity calling and as much as they want to fight it sometimes you just know when you're on to something. Aaron Howard recently founded, Shrubworks, a local drinking shrub company to complement cocktails and other specialty drinks.

Shrubs have a long history that spans time way back when most folks were drinking their scotch or whiskey neat. Blended from herbs, fruits and vinegars the main ingredients are sourced locally from many of the local shops including farmers markets. Growing up in NE Portland and working a handful of bartending gigs across the city it seem like a natural fit to come from behind the bar and curate a palatable drinking mixer. Shrubworks offers more than a one-time mixer it's accessible for things like salads, marinades, or stand-alone over ice mixed with soda water.

If you're out on the town soon ask you bartender if they carry Shrubworks! #welovelocalpdx 

Learn more about Aaron at https://shrubworksco.com/