What inspired you to start your business?

 I have been doing woodworking in some form since high school. In college I was a ceramics major but always found my way to the sculpture studio to make things out of wood. After spending the last six years working for a local hospital I found my soul a little crushed. It was time to get back to what had always made sense to me, woodworking. Utilizing some savings, I bought the tools I didn’t have and started Irvington Woodworks.

What sets your brand apart?

My hands are what sets my brand apart. My hands touch every inch of wood that becomes an Irvington Woodworks coaster, cutting board, or cheese board/serving tray. All of my products are made of solid wood, hand sanded and finished. I make a product that will last for generations if taken care of properly. I’ve seen laser cut coasters that are about 1/16 of an inch thick, attached to a cork back that just seem as if they will melt after five uses. When you hold and use any of Irvington Woodworks’ products you know that hard work and love have gone into it.  

 How do you keep it local in your community (i.e. where do you shop, eat, favorite local spots).

I, like many Portlanders find it easy to stay local. Even those diehard fast food junkies have a local option. I tend to eat out at as many local restaurants as I can fit in my stomach. Some recent favorites are Tusk and Jacqueline. Oh, Jacqueline is so amazing. They have $1 oysters on Sundays and are completing raising the bar in the seafood game around town. I also tend to keep company at any of the dive bars as well, R.I.P. Club 21.

Where can customers find your goods?

Currently customers can find Irvington Woodworks goods at my website IrvingtonWoodworks.com, inquiries and custom order requests can be made here as well. I will be setting up a new commerce site in the new year. In the near future Irvington Woodworks will be available on WithLoveFromPDX.com as an option for those wishing to curate their own gift box of local goods. The new year is looking to bring many more opportunities as well, so keep an eye out!