#welovelocalpdxseries maker Best Friends Honey

#welovelocalpdx is a short series dedicated to the folks behind some of Portland's newest small businesses. Some people have a creativity calling and as much as they want to fight it sometimes you just know when you're on to something.  

In this case, Best Friends Honey co-founders  (Jeremy, Ross and Mauria) reimagined the way honey can be used and enjoyed making it. On a whim, Jeremy signed up for a beekeeping class where he discovered an appreciation for the tiny, flying insects. Though Ross took some convincing (and was initially slightly terrified of the bee yard), he joined Jeremy, and the two started helping with queen raising. Soon the guys were asked to take on bee removal jobs around the city—a service they later named The Humble Bumble.

Realizing they had access to lots and lots of bees and a true knack for DIY culture, the guys began experimenting with honey recipes, marking the unofficial early days of Best Friends Honey. Today, with the help of Mauria—who works behind the scenes on every aspect of the brand’s design and development—the friends are proud to have Best Friends Honey.

The secret to exceptional honey goods is a true commitment to using as many local, organic ingredients as possible and hand ­packing in small batches with care. Most Best Friends Honey products involve a four­ day production process. The team spends weeks experimenting and taste ­testing to refine their recipes until each is high­ five worthy. While perfecting Hot Chili Honey, Jeremy visited an authentic Mexican market in Portland and bought every type of chili pepper available so he could find just the right mix of kick and flavor. That’s just one example of the company’s dedication to making the best honey products in the region and beyond.

Folks can find these delicious blends at 
New Seasons, Whole Foods, Made Here, Best Friends Online Store.

Learn more about Jeremy, Mauria, Ross at http://bestfriendshoney.com/