#welovelocalpdxseries maker Cascadian Whiskers and Apothecary

December 15, 2016

#welovelocalpdxseries maker Cascadian Whiskers and Apothecary

#welovelocalpdx is a short series dedicated to the folks behind some of Portland's newest small businesses and makers I include in my gift boxes.  I recently asked Kelly Brandt and Mychal Cohn to share their stories as co-founders of Cascadian Whiskers and Apothecary.  

Mychal's story is detailed first. 

What made you want to start your own business?

I had been wanting to start my own business because (to be quite honest) I was tired of working hard for companies that didn't care about their employees the way that I thought they should. For example one of my previous employers did not give you sick time or vacation time so if you were legitimately sick you would be written up for calling in. They just saw you as a number on the payroll instead of a person.

 That seems like great motivation to start your own company, why apothecary?

I am currently enrolled in the Holistic Health Practitioners program at the American College of Healthcare Sciences here in Portland. My plan is to complete my current program, transition into the Master Herbalist program and then get my Associates of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine. I'm using what I have learned in school and applying it to our beard oil and beard balm by using essential oils that not are not only beneficial for your beard but for the skin on your face as well. I feel like there are a lot of beard products that on the market that slap oils together because they smell good and not because they are actually beneficial for your facial hair and skin.

What local shops are you into?

I love to shop locally as often as possible. Not only for the ingredients that we use in our products but for my everyday life. I get my hair cut by my good friend Mikey Denton who owns Brick & Mortar Barbershop and Grooming Supply (@brickandmortarpdx) on a biweekly basis. My wife and I have our Sunday coffee and breakfast just up Hawthorne from Mikey's shop at Common Grounds Coffee on a weekly basis as well.

Kelly's story:

What made you want to start your own business?

I started my business in hopes that I can someday make my own schedule and spend more time with my children.  I was also inspired by vendors at festivals, street fairs and bazaars, selling the things they make. I usually stop and talk with the soap-makers.

What makes your product different than other apothecary goods?

We make sure to use very good quality ingredients in our products. I buy from local businesses as much as possible, and use as organic ingredients as much as I can. We try to make our blends as beneficial as possible.I like to get some of my ingredients from Essential Wholesale & Labs, which is here in Portland.

Where can folks find your goods in Portland?

Everyone can find our products on our website www.cascadianwhiskers.com as well as With Love, From PDX. We are currently working with a couple different local barbershops and we are going to be at local Saturday Markets as well as local Farmers Markets. We are also on Facebook as well as Instagram. Just search for @cascadianwhiskers!