6 Ways Gifts Show Your Appreciation for Clients

February 26, 2018

6 Ways Gifts Show Your Appreciation for Clients


6 Ways To Build Stellar Appreciation Gifts

I recently wrote an ebook to help companies think about how they gift a little bit differently. I've shared that I sort of fell into gifting and its now become my calling and I've built a company that shares Portland's most adored brands. My business celebrates that our city is home to hundreds of small businesses. There’s no place quite like Portland.

I'm able to draw my inspiration for gifting from beautiful handmade goods designed right here in our city.  Most of my clients are business owners that are sending gifts to clients for recent business. Gifting can be a small gesture of appreciation for your clients and help increase your chances of a referral down the road.  

As a Professional Gifter you might think it's my job to convince people that gifting is good for business-but it really is. I've worked with real estate agents that close $1mil homes to PR firms that help promote openings of hotels, to NIKE that just finalized plans for expansion projects. Those are my clients and in my opinion working with a good team deserves a special gesture of appreciation for all those long hours, disappointments, setbacks, and wins along the way. Let's be honest you'll share a memorable connection forever and I'd like to put you in a position to give them a perfectly unique gift that shares your sentiment.


  1. Keep it simple and local. I found the best gifts are right in our own backyard. My fave go-to spots to shop locally are Beam & Anchor, MadeHerePDX, and Lark Press and Queen Bee for jewelry and postcards.
  2. With all the hassle and your busy life, don't over think your gift.  Your goals to give something meaninful and useful. I typically curate with the end-user in mind meaning, I combine items they can use right away like foodie (chocolate, coffee, tea) with items that will stick around and keep your brand top of mind (coasters, candles, ceramic mugs).
  3. I've even done some non-traditional gifts like finding a lawn service for a clients first month in their new home, tickets to a show, and building out a home repair bucket. 
  4. We all know relocation for a new employee could be highly stressful. I love making sure that the intended giftee feels right at home in Portland. I've included a coupon for a cleaning crew, curated a small gift box filled with lovely Really Good Maps, Ranger chocolate, and of course my favorite Pinkelton's Curious Caramel Corn. These will definitely ensure a smooth transition to their new home. 
  5. So maybe some of the other things I've mentioned just don't stand out to you. Well why not try a wine of the month club, coffee subscription, or perhaps tickets to the zoo for the family.
  6. Buy a personal gift (if you're unsure search our Build-A-Box  for inspiration) where you click and pick, we curate and delivery and even included a personalized note.

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