Build-A-Gift (Gifting just got a whole lot easier)

Build-A-Gift was one of the best new additions to my website. It's my simple and sure fire way that customers who find their way to my website have a gifting process that is easy and quick. Last year, I redesigned my website and added this option to help customers take the hassle out of your gifting experience. 

My goal with adding this Build-A-Gift page was to make gifting somewhat thinkless and fun. What's better than seeing an item, clicking to put it in a cart, and then checking out all in under 10 mins? And of course, getting on to other things!

I think for far too many people they find themselves stressed out by gifting including my former self. Now as a Professional Gifter, my goals is to help ensure your gifting process is incredibly easy. 

On the website you'll find over 25 curated items ranging from chocolate and tea, to coffee and trail mix and everything in between. My typical saying goes, if it can fit in a box, I can source it in Portland, and therefore it's on my gifting menu.  Part of what makes With Love, From PDX so special is that unlike some other gifting comanies, everything on my menu is made right here in Portland.

Foraging for locally-made goods and products is part of my tagline for my business. I've worked with over 100 local companies and what makes my job extraordinary is the local purveyors who make beautiful, small-batch products in kitchens, studios, and basements throughout the city.  

We've partnered together to bring customers the best of Portland's most adored brands. You don't need to run to a bazillion stores to curate a really nice gift that compliments your recipient style. Just shop right here on our website. If you're not seeing what you want then email us and we'll happily help you find it. 


Happy gifting,