Wedding Gifts

I spend a lot of time working with clients on gifting. I always tell people to start with the sentiment you want to convey and really the rest will fall into place.   

Since it's wedding season, I just received a client who spent so much time thinking about how to welcome out-of-town guests to Portland. We curated some lovely gifts for they're guests that really showcased Portland's amazing makers.  We used hi-wall white boxes inside they chose Jacobsen Black Garlic Salt, Ranger Dark Chocolate, and Pinkelton's Salted Vanilla Curious Caramel Corn 

A typical wedding is no small affair and you've got options and curating gifts for guest with our easy to use service takes the headache out of gifting. We've selected some of the best producsts from gift wrap to ribbons, bows and boxes, to adorable handmade greeting cards, and the list goes on and on. At With Love, From PDX, we’re always searching or as I love to say, foraging for items to curate the best locally-made gifts. We take care of all the little details down to the note cards that go inside the box and even dropping the gifts at the hotels for your guests. 

We offer mesh bags, reusable bags, hi-wall white boxes with lids, and wooden bespoke boxes for vessels. Opting for these means that long after your wedding is over your guest can take this home and use it to store items or perhaps even plant something. Whatever your thinking we offer plenty of useful options for your gifting needs. We look forward to helping you curate the perfect gift for your wedding.