With Love, From PDX Fundraising Collection

Unlike traditional fundraisers, our model for raising funds for school-based activities, events, and community groups is to leverage locally-made, small-batch goods. Why not? In today's thriving communities makers are exploring ways to make sustainable products, grow their businesses, and most importantly serve the communities they live in. We've curated some of the best local traditional options like popcorn, chocolate, soap, and candles but we've also added some items that share our desire to move towards helping communities think about our environmental impact.
We've launched a line of Zero Waste items as part of our House of Zero Waste Collection. You'll find grocery bags, bamboo utensils and toothbrushes, dryer balls, and some other household goods. Select your products and quantities, check-out and pay, and we'll get your order all packaged up. Give us 7-14 business days to get it all shipped out.