Corporate and Specialty Gifting

With Love, From PDX offers exclusively curated gifting services for your company. Take the hassle out of gifting and turn it over to our team. We've worked with realtors, NIKE, Columbia Sportswear and other local companies to offer our gifting services. 

We're here to ensure your brand remains top of mind for clients. With Love offers all Portland-made goods in our beautiful gifting collections.  Our goal is to work beside your team to create beautiful gifts for every occasion.

We offer corporate gifting for orders of 5 gifts starting at $50 per gift. We'll send you a menu with options for curating your own gift collections. You can customize your gifts with tissue paper, crinkle, and engraving services.

We'll handle sourcing, packaging and delivery of your gifts. Fill out the contact form below for more information. And you can always call 503-267-1472.