From Our Clients

 We work to make your gift memorable 


The first text was, "already had the bitters in my coffee.  Fantastic."  Then it was, "this is the best jerky I've ever had.  Shared with with the guy next to me in a meeting and we survived."  Clearly Dad got some use out of this!  The soap was a hit too.- Matt, Customer


 With Love, From PDX is a wonderful company that provides excellent and unique gifting options. Since connecting with Inger McDowell, at With Love, From PDX we’ve had excellent feedback on gifts to our clients and business partners. I especially like that Inger has worked with us to create specific and unique gift boxes. Each box is wonderfully packaged and styled. As the seasons and our clients evolve, I see that our gifting options will evolve as well.- Steph, Guild Mortgage Company


The gift was a hit!- Marissa, Pearl Properties