Tender Loving Me Subscription Box

Tender Loving Me Subscription Box

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"Tender Loving Me" is your ticket to a year-round, self-care escape tailored to each season. Our subscription box is thoughtfully designed to bring you comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation with a carefully curated collection of self-care items every quarter.

Winter Edition: Embrace the winter wonderland with our cozy and comforting selection. Snuggle up with a luxurious lotion that pampers your skin, and set the ambiance with a soothing candle. Warm your toes with a cozy pair of socks or pour your thoughts into a journal as you sip on a rich cup of hot chocolate.

Spring Edition: As the world comes alive with blooms, so will you. Nourish your soul with flower seeds to cultivate your personal garden. Refresh your space with an invigorating room spray, and indulge in a calming soak with our soothing bath salts.

Summer Edition: Bask in the sun with our summer essentials. Stay hydrated with a stylish water bottle, and protect your skin with sunscreen, aloe, or lotion. Discover two more delightful surprises that will make your summer days even brighter.

Fall Edition: Embrace the golden hues and cozy vibes of fall. Set the mood with a pumpkin-scented candle that captures the essence of the season. Uncover additional autumn-inspired items that will make you look forward to crisp evenings and pumpkin-spiced moments.

You'll experience a year-round journey of self-discovery and well-being. Each quarter, our subscription box arrives at your doorstep, offering a seasonal self-care sanctuary that allows you to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Join us on this transformative journey and make self-care a priority all year long. You are ready to deliver comfort and joy with every change of the season.